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Clear View Thread/Stitch Counters I & II

Clear View Thread/Stitch Counters I & II 

$10.75 each

Why will you love this set of counters?

Now you can easily count threads and stitches with this set of two transparent rulers.  View your needlework through the ruler as you look between the lines or above them to determine where to make that next stitch.

You can use it to check and/or help you determine the count of a fabric.

You can convert design dimensions.  Threads/stitches to the inch or inches to threads/stitches.

You can compare the sizes of a design based on the thread/stitch count.

You can hold it up to a frame or pillow to see what stitch size will fit into the opening.

And its convenient size makes it easy to carry along for any project.

Why were the Clear View Thread/Stitch Counters created?

Over the years I have purchased and tried just about every stitch counter and needlework gauge that I could find.  Yes, they were useful. However, I could not easily tell just where to make that next "far" stitch,  I wanted to see more - what was under the ruler?

So, using my years of mathematical experience (HS, college, & teaching HS math) I designed two rulers - and they work great!

What scales are included?

11, 14, 16, 18, 22, 28, 32, & 36.

What is the actual size?

1.5 x 6.25" and 0.03" thick with rounded corners.

How do I use the Clear View Thread/Stitch Counters?

Visit this page for a PDF you can Print  - CVTSC Directions

To view a YouTube Video of "How to Use the Clear View Thread/Stitch Counters".