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Watercolor Pet Class

Saturday February 17, 2024 1-5 pm

         Watercolor Class - Paint your pet

         - moderate to advanced level

Cost: $50.00  ($25.00 deposit required when digital image is accepted as suitable)

This is NOT a beginner class!
Please attend as many Tuesday Group meetings as possible to be successful in this class.

You need to have experience:

1) controlling the amount of water on your brush and paper.  We will be using 140# Cold Press 100% Cotton paper cut to 5x7".

2) mixing primary colors to make vibrant AND muted color (ask me about color bias)

3) making brush strokes on paper with water color (sorry, painting walls one color does not count.  :) )

4) determining light and dark tones.  You will need to save bits of white on the paper and maybe learn to use a little masking fluid in this class.  We will paint light to dark on layers.

5) being patient while waiting for paint to dry.  Or you can use a hair dryer to make it faster.

At least 7 days prior to class, you must email me ( a high resolution digital image of your pet in the pose you would like to paint.


We are only going to paint the head and shoulders. The image must clearly show the eyes, nose and mouth and be in a pose you plan to paint.   You will need to bring the same color image to class as a color photo, preferably 5x7", the same size painting we are going to make.

If your photo/digital image is suitable, I will use the magic of photoshop to divide your image into about 4 toned areas to make painting easier for you.  It will be a guide to help you make the painting.

If your painting is not suitable, you may use one of my photos.

Quality materials will be provided for use during class to paint your pet portrait. You are welcome to bring your own supplies if you have them.


Your final take-home painting will be 5x7" with a black mat enclosed in a clear bag to protect your painting.  The mat fits into an 8x10" frame (frame not included).


You may bring snack and/or beverages as long as they are in closed containers with a lid and DO NOT spill during class.

Pet Portraits: Watercolor

Yes, a little bit of wine and music helps...  At Broody Vineyards in Maryland.

I think this cat turned out REALLY bad, but it looks MUCH better framed in a black mat - ask to see it in class.

I love this kitten, I'll be painting him again, and again...

This poor dog had an eye issue for a while...  Don't, give up most things are fixable!

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