NEW Nov 2019 

Grime Guards and Scissor Cases:

I will NOT be making Grime Guards for a while.  I'm using my supplies to make scrub masks and caps for essential workers.


So sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm sure you will understand.  Please stay home, stay safe and keep crafting!


Keep the dust, dirt and grime off your stitching projects with one of our GRIME GUARDS for Q-Snaps, Hoop or Scroll Rods or Stretcher Bars. 

Slip the grime guard over your needlework frame to prevent the natural oils from your hands, dirt from traveling or other methods of getting your stitching dirty such as little hands and paws.


Our Scissor Cases hold TWO pairs of embroidery scissors (not included), in any fabric we use to make grime guards..


Check our Etsy site for available fabrics, sizes and pricing.   We have a much bigger selection of fabrics than shown here!

AND we can also make them with your favorite fabric, especially if you supply/send us enough fabric.  

Each Grime Guard is custom made and shipped within 3-5 days AFTER your order is placed. 


 NEW Nov 2019 


 NEW Nov 2019 


 NEW Nov 2019 


More Than 80 Choices are in my Etsy Shop!

Important Notes about Q-Snap Sizes:

The ORIGINAL QSnaps are white (including corners), are a tube and clamp needlework frame and are made in the USA by the company Q-Snap.  They sell their frames based on the OUTSIDE edge measurements (includes the corners).  An 8x8" QSnap has an outside perimeter of approximately 32"


My grime guards are based on the ORIGINAL QSnaps made in the USA - NOT the knock-offs made in any other country.


IF you have a 'KNOCK-OFF' brand (most likely made in other countries such as China)

           1) Measure the length of your QSnaps along the OUTSIDE edge (perimeter).
           2) Choose a grime shield size based on the 'minimum perimeter'

         * If your measurement is more than 1" greater than the perimeter of my Q-Snaps you have two options:
           1) Ask me to make your grime guard based on YOUR measurement ( order the next larger size AND message me your actual perimeter) OR
           2) choose the next larger size and adjust the length of the elastic as needed. To adjust the elastic, tie a knot, sew it or use a strong safety pin (like a diaper pin).  Your grime guard will have more gathering.


Original QSnap Size (Perimeter)
      6x6 (min 24" perimeter)
      8x8 (min 32" perimeter)
       8x11 (min 38" perimeter)
     11x11 (min 44" perimeter)
     11x17 (min 56" perimeter)
     17x17 (min 68"perimeter)