Transforming Familar Stitches, Notebook Stitch Study Sample Cards
Filling Stitches, Notebook Stitch Study Sample Cards
Diagaonal Stitches, Notebook Stitch Study Sample Cards
Reversible Cross Stitches and more, Notebook Stitch Study Sample Cards
Knot Stitches, Notebook Stitch Study Sample Cards
For the Love of Nature Stitches, Notebook Stitch Study Sample Cards
Learn NEW stitches and create your personal reference notebook of  stitches with instructions, diagrams and space to attach your stitched samples. Use your reference binder to help create your own unique designs or enhance existing designs.
Print each PDF Notebook Card file on 8.5" x 11" 67# card stock and trim to 5.5" x 8.5". Proudly display and easily reference your stitch cards using junior page protectors and binder(s)
A complete list of the stitches in each set is included with the Etsy listing (click image for each set above).
Set I - Transforming Familar Stitches
It is amazing the variety of stitches that can be made using many of the stitches you are already familiar with! Emphasis is placed on turning corners for borders and tips on how to improve your stitching techniques.
Set II - Filling Stitches
Learn wonderful filling stitches to use for backgrounds, corners, and borders and tips to improve your stitching. 
Set III - Diagonal Stitches
Diagonal Stitches add interesting effect to almost any design.  Includes eyelet and four-sided stitch..
Set IV - Reversible Stitches
Learn 26 reversible stitches to enhance your Afghans, towels, bread cloths, bookmarks and MORE!! Yes - Cross Stitches on BOTH the front and back of your project! 
Set V - Knot Stitches
Knot Stitches, including french, colonial and more.
Set VI - For the Love of Nature Stitches
Learn several heart stitches including one I created along with stitches that resemble bugs, butterflies, flowers and greenery.

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