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Needlework Tools

My needlework tools are all available on my Etsy shop: 

Tensioneer Straps & Clips for Scroll Rods & QSnaps

Do the sides of your fabric feel limp or loose while you are stitching?  


Problem solved!  


My NEW design is FULLY Adjustable...  TENSIONEER STRAPS with clips for scroll Rod Side Bars.  


These elastic hook and loop straps work with QSnaps too!  Available in sets of 4, 6 or 8

❤ New improved design!  You can precisely adjust the length and elastic tension to stabilize the fabric edges, just the way YOU like it!  Use it for both Scroll Rod Side Bars AND QSnaps!


As a stitcher, I know how important it is to avoid things that will catch and snag your floss, so my design for the Fabric Gap Strap avoids it as much as possible.

For more information visit my Etsy Shop:

Clear View Thread Stitch Counters I & II

Easily count threads and stitches with this set of two transparent rulers. 

This transparent ruler set allows easy counting of threads and stitches! Whether you want to know where to make the next stitch, determine fabric count, or convert design dimensions from inches to stitches or vice versa, this carry-along ruler is irreplaceable.

Scales Included: 11, 14, 16, 18, 22, 28, 32, & 36.

Actual Size: 1.5 x 6.25" and 0.03" thick with rounded corners.


Needle Park Avenue

Stitch faster, neater and more accurately by parking your working threads on Needle Park Avenue.


Have more needles threaded at a time and end your working threads less often.


Attach the Needle Park Avenue to your project with the very strong rare earth magnets (included).


Write the symbol or color number on the Needle Park Avenue.


When you finish stitching with a color in one area, simply park the threaded needle next to the appropriate symbol. When you need that color again, it is ready to use!


Only end a thread when you run out of thread on the needle, or when you don't need that color again for the project. Reusable - erase symbols with ease and reuse!


This neat gadget is great for projects with multiple color changes, blended needles or petit-point.


Needle & Bead Caddy

The Needle and Bead Caddy is a useful storage tool for anyone who enjoys needlework.  It has three compartments to hold your needles, seed beads, beads and charms without them moving between compartments.

The lid slides and securely snaps closed.  This makes it ideal for travel or just sitting on your needlework while you stitch.

Three flat magnets with adhesive backing are packaged snuggly inside the caddy compartments. The adhesive backing protective paper strip can be removed to expose the adhesive and use for any or all of the compartments.


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