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Needle Park Avenue

Stitch faster, neater and more accurately by parking your working threads on Needle Park Avenue.


Have more needles threaded at a time and end your working threads less often. 


This neat gadget is great for projects with multiple color changes, blended needles, or petit-point.


Attach the Needle Park Avenue to your project with the very strong rare earth magnet bar (included).  Place Needle Park Avenue(TM) on the top of your ground fabric near your working area and the magnet beneath to hold it in place. (CAUTION: These magnets  are VERY Strong rare earth magnets - use CAUTION).


Write the symbol or color number on the Needle Park Avenue.  Use a Sharpie(R) fine point permanent marker to write the color numbers or symbols currently being used for your project on Needle Park Avenue(TM). Write below the printed thread but above the needle "bed".  Be VERY careful, keep the permanent markers away from your fabric and fibers.  Erase the marks when desired with a vinyl eraser or 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) on a tissue.


Begin stitching with the desired thread color as usual.  However, if you will need the color nearby, park the threaded needle in the labeled section of NPA and begin stitching with the next color.  You do not need to end threads until the color is no longer needed, looks distressed or is too short to work with.


When you finish stitching with a color in one area, simply park the threaded needle next to the appropriate symbol. When you need that color again, it is ready to use!


Only end a thread when you run out of thread on the needle, or when you don't need that color again for the project. Reusable - erase symbols with ease and reuse!


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