Tensioneer Straps and Clips for Scroll Rods & QSnaps

Do the sides of your fabric feel limp or loose while you are stitching?  Problem solved!  My NEW design is FULLY Adjustable...  TENSIONEER STRAPS with clips for scroll Rod Side Bars.  These elastic hook and loop straps work with QSnaps too!  Available in sets of 4, 6 or 8

❤ New improved design!  You can precisely adjust the length and elastic tension to stabilize the fabric edges, just the way YOU like it!  Use it for both Scroll Rod Side Bars AND QSnaps!  As a stitcher, I know how important it is to avoid things that will catch and snag your floss, so my design for the Fabric Gap Strap avoids it as much as possible.



We also make  grime guards, matching needle minders, scissor cases and project bags and more.

Most items are QUICK if not already ready to ship! 

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