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Needle Minders:

Our Needle Minders are Fabric Covered Buttons made with VERY STRONG magnets to securely hold needles, scissors and any magnetic metal. Each Needle Minder is custom made with love, 100% cotton fabric, metal button parts and magnets in my smoke-free home. Special orders welcome, just send me a message. Most items are QUICK if not already ready to ship! 

We can make needle minders from any fabric we use to make grime guards.  Most of our grime guard listings have an option in the drop down menu to order (if I forgot, just send me a message).


Images may vary, but will be from the same fabric. If you have a preference of main image, send me a message.



1 Button N-Minder - includes ONE Fabric Covered Button (1 magnet on inside of button) AND ONE 3/4" diameter neodymium magnet. Use as a needle minder, chart holders or refrigerator magnets

2 Button N-Minder - includes TWO Fabric Covered Buttons (magnets are on inside of each button). Use as a needle minder that is easy to attach and remove because there is more to hold onto. OR use as chart holders or refrigerator magnets

Please note, the fabric will be random images of the same fabric used for these grime guards. If you prefer a select portion of the design from the fabric, you MUST message me.


* These are VERY STRONG magnets and SHOULD to be used with CAUTION, kept away from electronics, small children and people with medical devices as they are hazardous. Because the magnets are so strong they will hold your needles more securely than most magnets but need a little extra care when using them:
* Always be VERY mindful of how many and where your needles are because they can be dangerous and/or painful - I learned the hard way at a young age!
* When removing the magnets SLIDE them apart instead of pulling them apart. They are EXTREMELY powerful and will 'fly' towards each other if left too close to each other, metal or are held insecurely.) Due to the strength of the magnets they may cause damage at impact.

* For a demonstration please watch my video at

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