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We bought a house on the river...

River house

I was NOT looking for a new house, and certainly NOT a project house! But my dear husband was looking and we fell in love with this one!

It was a foreclosure sold via auction and just trying to close was quite a story! We finally closed mid July 2017 and oh my does time fly when your trying to make a new place livable. It needed a lot of work, and still does.

The upstairs is nearly done and I'm finally organized enough to find most of my business supplies and crafts to get rolling again! The kitchen and living room still need LOTS of work, but as long as we have a refrigerator and microwave we can eat at home once in a while.

River View

We love being around the water... there is something soothing and inspirational about it most of the time. Sometimes the water gets a bit rough and intimidating, makes me glad my rooms are upstairs!


Ready to paint!

This is my new painting corner, far enough away from my office to avoid being distracted by those other projects calling out to me.

Today I added a page entitled 'Art Gallery' to showcase some of my paintings, mostly pet portraits with several in my que to do.

Most of my oil and acrylic paintings are done at my home studio. When I'm out and about, water color is my plein-air medium because it travels well and dries fast!

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