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Scrub Masks & Caps - Favorite Sew and Non-Sew Patterns

Currently I am NOT making Grime Guards. All the materials I have in stock are being used to make masks and surgical/Scrub caps for essential workers - primarily healthcare. Thus far I have made at least 150 masks - I lost count. Best Wishes and stay healthy!

I have made a FREE pattern with instructions for Surgical

You can easily make a NO-sew mask for yourself and family... then people who are sewing and donating masks can focus more on helping medical and essential workers. This one uses fabric and elastic bands.

This one has instructions for making them from T-Shirts and a Bandanna (or square cloth approximately 20"x20")

Most of the face masks I have made so far are the square pleated type but they do not work well with rubber bands so... I am switching patterns until I find more 1/4" elastic.

This is a link to my current favorite Sewing Pattern for a face mask. It has several sizes and seems to fit closer to my face. I am sewing them with an opening such that some type of filter can be added by whomever wears it. I am also using 1/8" Non-Latex Rubber Bands because I can not find more 1/4" elastic or hair ties.


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